Mayor Toreja To Enter Into Agreement With DENR For Ibaan Solid Waste Management Plans And Programs

July 28, 2017

Recognizing the need for effective solid waste management in the Municipality of Ibaan, Mayor Danny has filed a request with the Sangguniang Bayan to be granted authority to represent the Municipal Government of Ibaan and enter into a Memorandum of Agreement with the DENR – Environmental Management Bureau – CALABARZON, for the development and implementation of local solid waste management plans and programs.

Sponsored and introduced by Coun. Victoriano Maputi, Chairman of Committee on Environmental Protection, the august body of Sangguniang Bayan then approved in July 20 such request through Municipal Resolution No. 2017 – 68. The motion was seconded by Coun. Mateo Guerra.

Under the said program, the DENR-EMB-CALABARZON shall provide the funding support in order to establish/upgrade and facilitate the operation of the Material Recovery Facility (MRF) in the Municipality of Ibaan.


Based on the approved Work and Financial Plan (WFP) and upon signing of MOA, DENR-EMB-CALABARZON shall then release to the Municipality the amount of Php470,725.00.

As per fund’s utilization, Php294,500.00 shall be utilized for the establishment of MRF while Php176,225.00 shall be allotted for the procurement of a mobile shredder.

Also, by virtue of Executive Order No. 2017 – 03, Ibaan Municipal Ecological Solid Waste Management Board has been created composed of Engr. Mario Samson (focal person), Dra. Agnes Chua, Mrs. Ethel Joy Salazar, Mrs. Lorna Silva, Engr. Lalen Salagubang, ABC President Armanda Gutierrez, and Mrs. Sufronia Ona.

The proposed area for the establishment of the MRF is in Brgy. Balanga with Mr. Rogelio Guerra as the appointed Environmental Management Assistant who will be in-charge of the MRF operation in the absence of MENRO officer in the Municipality of Ibaan and shall provide the Sangguniang Bayan a copy of the progress report of the project.

Coun. Jullius Panaligan acted as Vice Mayor during said session with Vice Mayor Joy Salvame on leave.

(Source: Municipal Resolution No. 2017 – 68)


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