“ibaangibaan” is actually composed of three (3) words – iba ang ibaan. They were combined into one word which resulted to “ibaangibaan”. It is the slogan currently used and carried on by the Municipality of Ibaan as advocated by Mayor Juan Danny V. Toreja. Collectively taken, “ibaangibaan” means “Ibaan Is Different”. It offers a broad meaning and everyone is given freedom to have it interpreted in different ways depending on how a person sees it. Ibaan may not be a perfect municipality or as rich as nearby towns, but for whatever it may take, Ibaan will always have something that makes it different from the others. It’s only a matter of making one’s self as one with Ibaan.

Iba Ang Ibaan is the official WordPress blog account of the Municipality of Ibaan, Province of Batangas, Philippines. It features articles of different activities and events as they transpire in Ibaan. The blog is also meant to promote Ibaan along with its customs, culture and traditions, and other identifiable places and products.

The blog is created through the initiative of Municipal Mayor Juan “Danny” V. Toreja.

(Note: This blogsite is an extension of the originally created IBAANGIBAAN wordpress blog account.)


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